About Me

Name: Brenna Wilkes

Online Alias: Sindra (Sometimes SinDaemon)

D.O.B. 3/21/1985

Occupation: Student, Artist, Cynic, Overall Geek

Hobbies: Drawing, Video Games, Internet, Manga

Mediums of Choice: Pencil, Oils, Adobe Photoshop CS2


Most people have wide, fanciful swiss replica watches tales pulled out of their arses made to sound humorous in an attempt to tell the tale of their lives. Sadly, the author isn't that witty today, and thusly you get this drivel. Sucks to be you.

Born in western New York many a year ago, Bren was a geek in a girl's body. Devoting most of her childhood to the space of rug in front of her Sega Genesis, she replica watches grew up a wee bit socially....special. Little did anyone know the awesome sadistic genius that was to bloom in later years due to such rearing.

Having an affinity for the arts, she began doodling at a young age. When scribbles on her notebooks in high school became unfulfilling, Bren finally set out to follow the path of the poor artist in all seriousness. Granted, it took forever and a day, but we'll ignore that. Perfering to stick to replica watches uk cartooning, anime, and video games as a source of inspiration, our less-than-plucky artist has since been subject to many an hour of being painfully hunched over her desk sketching and rendering.

Student by day. Artist by night. Ninja on Wednesdays. Slightly homicidal once a month.