Classic Robotnik from Sonic the Hedgehog Re-design of my kustom Mortal Kombat kharacter, Ravyn Re-design of my Kuston MY Kharacter, Ravyn Deadpool Riding a Chocobo


Castlevanoa OC "Sin" 2010 Design Claire from Resident Evil 2


Goombas Playing Poker Kid Icarus vs Sketch Turner Venom Kitana from MK2


Submission for Toracon 2008 Mascot Contest Eric Lecarde - Castlevania Bloodlines Vectorman Resident Evil 1 Soma Cruz and the Terror Bear Dizzy from Guilty Gear Sub-Zero
Original Organization 13 Character Richter Belmont from Castlevania Requested Character by Jam Stunna        


Goku from DBZ Sonic Reflection Wesker from Umbrella Chronicles Pyramid Head Tifa Rather bad Renji & Zabimaru Succubus
Original Castlevania Cover Commissioned for Cloudy Strife Adramalech from Castlevania Original Character & Smoke from Mortal Kombat Taven and Dagon from Mortal Kombat Ravyn Alternate Original MK character - Ravyn


Comic Done for VG Cats Contest Bad Attempt at Zigbar Original Character - Sin Original Character - Andre Sketched Comic Panel Sin with an attempt at a background Original Character - Brent
Early Drawing of Soma Cruz Demon Snowglobe Sketch          


Character from the webcomic CVRPG A subject done for an art class Another subject done for an art class Yet another manipulation for art class


Contest entry for a conest by Pu-Sama A Flower for You Chibi Death



Edited this as an all-inclusive to my commission prices. Take a look and see what you might like! Prices are for one character or subject only.

Pencil Sketch - $5
This is a simple pencil sketch. Shading or no is totally up to you.
Example: [link]

Inked Lineart - $10
A cleaned up lineart inked in Photoshop. Traditional swiss replica watches inking done in Sakura Micron Pen upon request for a small additional charge.
Example: [link]

Simple CG Coloring - $15
A fully colored piece done in Photoshop with simple shading and no background.
Example: [link]

Fully Shaded CG Color - $20-$25
CG colored piece with more complex shading and replica watches a minimal background.
Example: [link]

Additional Characters - $5 Each Ex. [link]
Complex Full Background - $5-$10 Dependent on replica watches uk complexity. Ask for quote. Ex.[link] [link]

Email of Fully Rendered Image - FREE
Matte Print + Shipping of Image - $10

Payment is through PayPal-Only right now, so a small fee to account for the PayPal charge will be thrown in. Please note me or email me with "Art Commission" in the subject with questions or for a quote.

Stuff I Will Draw
Original Characters
Yaoi/Yuri Pairings
Horror & Violence (just not gratuitous)
One-Shot Comics

Stuff I Won't Draw
Under-aged Anything
Hardcore Hentai or Porn
Furries (sorry, not my cup of tea)
Mecha (unless it's very simple)


Want Prints of Anything You See Here?

8.5x11 Matte Prints - $5 + shipping

12x14 Glossy Prints - $8 + shipping

Discounts for multiple prints ordered. Shoot me an Email to purchase..